CrowdShark TV: Equity Crowdfunding meets Shark Tank


Since 2009, Shark Tank has captivated audiences with a simple premise: entrepreneurs seeking funds pitch their business to a panel of wealthy investors (sharks) in exchange for equity. CrowdShark TV, a new web series set to debut in 2017, puts a spin on that by making the audience the sharks through equity crowdfunding — the new era of entrepreneurship.

CrowdShark TV will give everyday people the ability to make an investment — a minimum of $100 — and be an investor in the company.

The TV series, set to debut in February, is the brainchild of Manny Fernandez, the co-founder, and CEO of DreamFunded, an equity crowdfunding online platform that provides exclusive insider access to seed private companies worldwide.

Before testing the waters of the Crowd Sharks, interested entrepreneurs will first have to be approved on

Fernandez — an investor on CNBC’s Make Me a Millionaire Inventor — will then interview the founder of the company, who will pitch the company on why it deserves funding.

Unlike the Shark Tank show, where the investor takes a percentage and makes an offer, the investors are going to be the crowd, and they will determine the faith of the entrepreneur by visiting  

Fernandez, who has the most viewed equity crowdfunding video on YouTube, is no stranger to investing and entrepreneurship. He’s been an angel investor and founded SF Angels Group in San Francisco.

With CrowdShark TV, Fernandez wants to assist entrepreneurs who might not have other means of raising funds by putting them in front of thousands of viewers who can help.

Season 1 of CrowdShark TV will be available on prime time with Latino PBS, a cable channel coverage on Southern California. The cable TV series will also be distributed on AT&T channel 27, Verizon channel 487, Frontier channel 1551 and MediaCom.

CrowdShark TV will also be on the streaming platforms, Apple TV, ROKU TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Android TV, Cross TV, FilmON TV, YIP TV and more. The show will also broadcast on Facebook and YouTube.

For more details on CrowdShark TV visit CrowdShark.TV or and get ready to swim the water for investments.